PROUD CALENDAR – photos needed

OK I’m late this year in getting going but if you want your child with
Down’s syndrome to be featured in the PROUD Down’s syndrome calendar 2010
Please can you send your pics by MONDAY 13TH JULY

I need a MAXIMUM of 3 photos please ( only 1 photo will go in the calendar
so its up to you, you can send 1 photo, 2 photos or 3 but no more than 3
please for me to choose from ) and I guess it sounds obvious but obviously
I need the child with Down’s syndrome to be the main body of the photograph

Please can you send them in jpg form Please can you include in the email the
childs name, your name and put PROUD at the end of it ( it just helps with
the filing of them all and making sure when I check the calendar over for
the final time I can tick people off )

and can you email them to

Please note I can’t accept any professional pictures unless you have the
copyright to them

Here are the 12 categories to chose from that I need pictures for

1. child whispering to others
2. child hugging others
3. child climbing stairs or steps
4. child in glasses
5. child laughing
6. child working or doing some jobs in the house
7. child with trophy, medal, rosette, certificate or some other achievement
that you may think appropriate
8. child holding hands with others ( this can be siblings, parents, friends
grandparents etc )
9. child asleep
10. child travelling
11 child with family
12 child doing any sports pictures

Thanks once again for all your support. This calendar would not happen but
for the people who send me the wonderful photos of their children



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