PROUD Parents



Hannah was born in July 2002 and we felt our whole life changed before us when we got the diagnosis of “Down’s syndrome”

It was hard at first as all I thought about was the ” normal ” child I had lost and thought about all the things that were going to change about our lives, but gradually I knew I needed to be the voice for the little girl especially as she had to have open  heart surgery at 8 weeks old.  Reality kicked in and I knew that I loved this little girl so much and it didn’t matter what her diagnosis was.

She now has 2 younger sisters who adore her and I believe are more accepting to people with disabilities because of Hannah.  She now attends a special secondary school after leaving her mainstream primary school where she was very well liked with her class mates

She loves swimming, singing and watching films ( she loves Frozen ) and has even appeared in an episode of Eastenders

When she was born we thought that the door was just closing but instead a new door had just opened leading us into an exciting new world of new friends and friendships and learning to appreciate that every milestone is a cause for celebration


We didn’t have a prenatal diagnosis of Down’s syndrome, so our son’s diagnosis came a little unexpected. 13 years on our little man has totally enriched our lives and fills each day with a little extra fun. He’s such great company and brings a smile to the faces of all that meet him. It’s an incredible journey watching him grow in every aspect of his life.




Our son Ethan was born with Hirshsprungs Disease and after a sucessful operation now lives life to the full, he enjoys swimming and has an older brother and younger sister



This is our daughter Lauren, this picture was taken when she was in the Brownies, she later went on to join the guides.  She is a very independent young lady now and is currently in Sixth form and is looking forward to finding a job when she leaves



This is our son Kyran  He is currently at secondary school and loves gymnastics.  He has taken part in the special olympics and has won various gold medals  We are very very proud of him