PROUD meets this Saturday 2nd May 2pm – 4pm at Leighswood Childrens Centre, Broadmeadow, Aldridge

We have now got a speech and language therapist coming along to the sessions at Leighswood childrens centre and she will start doing assesments and some group work with your children

There will still be opportunities to meet with other parents and for your children to come along and play with other children, their friends and siblings

we look forward to seeing you there

A big Thank you for all those who attended the Bob Brolley Concert, at Pelsall Community Centre, in honour of Deputy Mayor Cath Micklewright who sadly died in November 2008. It was a brilliant concert and there were alot of people who had really encouraging words to say regarding our work for individuals with Down’s syndrome.

thanks for your support. We raised just over £800 at the concert and also thank you to all those people who donated money at Caths funeral instead of flowers. A total of £465 was raised from this Thank you to Gary Perry and his team who did alot of behind the work scenes in organising the whole event.

PROUD would not exist without peoples generous donations and fundraising, so it really is appreciated

A Big Thank you to all of those who supported our Early Years campaign. So far we have managed to save 5 teachers which is going to make a huge difference to the running of the Early Years Team.

We are still going to campaign that in future if there are going to be cuts in Education that parents have a right to know of these cuts as it will affect the quality of the service to their children

There will be a timeline when the current cuts are taking place which will fall in September 2009 and there may well be a shortfall in the service provided. If this is the case you need to make sure your voice is heard. It will make a difference and there are people listening as a result of our Early Years campaign we now have a platform on which to stand and let parents voices be heard so something can be done about it. Well done to all of you who supported and will continue to support the campaign.

Meanwhile a reminder that PROUD will be meeting on Saturday 4th April at Leighswood Childrens Centre, Broadmeadow, Aldridge 2pm – 4pm

Please support our Early Years Campaign

Walsall SERCO are planning to cut vital services to our Childrens Services and various areas are going to be affected. One of those areas is going to be the Early Years services

For e.g The specialist teachers are going to be reduced from 18 teachers down to 8 !!! Quite a cut and we feel this will affect the services our children are going to get

You can sign our petition here

If you are on facebook please join the group

Under the new restructuring of SERCO and education Walsall the early years SEN teaching service is under threat. They plan to drastically reduce numbers of staff which would have a devastating effect on our Team around the child service. As said previously we already know that the specialist support teachers will be reduced from 19 down to 8 staff. This will affect our home school teachers and other areas within the early years services which would impact upon all of our families and children with disabilities in Walsall. As you know the support and help to families from the early years team is vital and particularly around transition into nurseries and schools, help with statutory assessments, paperwork etc.

We need parents to be heard to stop us loosing this vital service and you can help by writing to these 3 people

1.Connie Mergen Head of Early Intervention and Inclusion Services

2.Frank Barnes Assistant Manager Director

3.Tony Stainer Managing Director

and can all be found under the same address

Walsall Children’s Services
Strategic Leadership Team
Education Development Centre
Pelsall Lane
Rushall, Walsall WS4 1NG

we only have to the end of February to voice our views so its vital that you put pen to paper so that we can be heard.

SERCO has provided education services to Walsall and under the new contract they are cutting back on staff. It may start off in Early Years and if they suceed who knows where it will go from there.

If you want anymore information please email me at

I hope everyone has had a good christmas and New Year

here is our group picture from the christmas party


Here is the programme for 2009

Sat 7th Feb – Leighswood Childrens Centre ( makaton taster session )
Sat 7th March – 3pm – 4pm Swimming Bloxwich Leisure Centre, High Street.Bloxwich WS3 2DA
Sat4th April 2 – 4pm Leighswood Childrens Centre
Sat 2nd May 2 –4pm – Leighswood Childrens Centre
Sat 6th June 2pm – 4pm – Childrens Leighswood Centre
Invite friends for coffee & cake to celebrate DS Awareness week
Sat 4th July Summer Trip Venue to be confirmed
Walsall Art Gallery Craft Session in August
Sat 5th Sept Midday – 2pm BBQ 4 Tynings Lane, Aldridge
Sun 4th Oct 5pm onwards Dudley’s festival of Water & Light at Waterfront at Merry Hill FREE ENTRY
Sat 7TH Nov 2pm-4pm Leighswood Childrens Centre
Sat 14th Nov 11am – 3pm ALDRIDGE FIRE STATION Christmas craft Fayre – free entry
Sat 5th Dec 2pm – 4pm Christmas Party Tynings Lane Church, Tynings Lane, Aldridge

Also every Monday evening 4.30 – 5.30pm Dance classes at Tynings Lane church Tynings Lane Aldridge for children with Down’s syndrome and their siblings

Its PROUD christmas party on Saturday 6th December 2pm – 4pm at Tynings Lane Church, Tynings Lane, Aldridge


If you can come please can you let us know ( we need to know for catering purposes and also so that Santa knows what to bring in his sack )

email if you can come ( and also the name and ages of your children)

Many thanks

The fire station event went brilliantly and we raised £1200.

It is though with great sadness we have found out today that Cath Micklewright the deputy Mayor of Walsall who came and attended the event and offered her support to PROUD ( she was going to make us her charity as she was due to become Mayoress next May ) has died unexpectantly

She was a wonderful lady and we offer our heartfelt sympathies to her family

Here is a picture that we took of her at the event


This Saturday event at Tynings Lane House has now been cancelled due to health and safety so the next event is the Fire Station Event on Saturday 15th November 11 – 3

If you are interested in the Educational Conference on Friday 7th November, scroll down to the previous post for details, there are only a few places left now

Letters have now gone out about the pantomime to those who have recently renewed their membership postal forms with us, if you haven’t received a letter and sent your postal form back in the SAE please get in touch with Jo either email or text or phone 0795 101 9506